November 25, 2017

November 25, 2017           Hodges Pony Express Benefit Ride for Ricky Miller 9:00 a.m.
Contact Number: 205-935-3499 or 205-412-3675
Entry Information:
$50.00 per rider (Includes t-shirt cost)
20-mile race will be available if anyone is interested. It will be a one-man
15-mile race will be a three-man team $150.00 per team
10-mile Race will be a two-man team $100.00 per team
10-mile juvenile race will be a four-man team $100.00 per team (Juvenile
racers will be required to be accompanied by an adult or guardian and
must have guardians signature to participate. The juvenile or the adult may
carry the bag if the child cannot.)
There will also be a mounted shooting express race on this day!!
Winners will receive a Hodges Pony Express Leather Saddle Bag!!
That night there will also be a Campfire Cookoff/Thanksgiving Potluck
and a live band so if you cook over a campfire bring you stuff and make
your best dish. If you don’t bring your favorite dish    2017 Hodges Pony Express Race with Cowboy Mounted Shooting    2017 Hodges Pony Expres1      2017 Campfire Cookoff